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To whom does the site belong to and why is it here?

Well, as they say: "a picture says more than a thousand words". I was born in '82 and live in the Netherlands. If you want to read a bit more about who I am take a peak over here.

This site was created the first time in 2004. Since it has been changed quite some times and growing every time. Since a while it has been stable, mainly the cause of Joomla. Joomla made it possible to keep my content and change my site to my wishes without troubling to much.

During this time I have been writing and gathering information. Most of the articles I write are about something I did or figured out. This site is partly my archive which is accessed by me in case of need. For example, at one time I wanted to change the rotation interval of the mail.log in Ubuntu. I found it and documented it. This way, I can use it and so can the world.

Why you are here:

  • The most obvious would be you were looking for something in google and I already ran into the same thing once. In this case it is probably unix related. Use the search above or the cloud below to find what you are looking for.
  • You might want to find some information about me. As it is, I am a contractor working for NiVo. You can took a look at my resume or read on about me. Or just personal and you found my site through a link on an other site.
  • Looking for some photos and movies. Try looking at picasaweb or youtube.
  • Searching for help. I can give it to you using crossloop.

Getting what you want!

To get what you want take a look at the menu on the left and the top. If you do directly see what you looking for, try the search function above this text. Or you can use the cloud below.

To stay in touch I give you several options. The firstĀ  RSS rss who doesn't love it. The second option is my newsletter. You may log in this site using your google account, your OpenID or by creating a seperate account.